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Being a Travel Agent on vacation.

Being a travel agent means I never actually get a vacation. You heard that right! Do I travel many places? YES! Do I experience new things? YES! But when you go on vacation, you might plan for months, pick out special outfits, and think about every detail of the trip. You can sit back and put your feet up, When I vacation, I am making sure I have the essentials and throwing in the same outfits I take on most trips. We have staples that fit most occasions that pack easily, no time to shop for each individual trip.

My focus is to gain experience and first-hand knowledge. I take notes, meet with management, pay for experiences so that if you ask I can share my knowledge. Because would you trust or want to book with someone that hasn't had those experiences?

I make my family stand in the hallway so I can grab multiple videos and pictures of each room we stay in. We don't just look at the basics of the room, we also are looking at outlets, storage space, how things in the room work, what might be helpful to have, and more to help you with your next vacation.

With travel, learning never stops and I am constantly working on staying up to date with all of the destinations you all want to visit! My trips are NOT FREE! On true training trips, also called FAMS (Familiarization Trips), we typically pay a small fee plus airfare. Our schedule is set by the company/group, and there is not a whole lot of down-time. We can add on a day before or after, but it's at our own cost. The expectation on these trips is to bring back updates and information for the rest of our agency as there are not spots for everyone. We are sometimes only given one spot for our agency. My family is not usually allowed to go with me, so I travel alone quite often. While it sounds great, it does get old and you want to experience these places with them too!

Due to the paragraph above, my trip list for my family keeps growing!!!

Next up: HAWAII- I will be visiting Oahu and Maui during this trip. Right now those are the only details I have so will be excited to share once we get closer and know what we will be doing!

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