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My name is Carrie Whitehouse and I am an Independent Agent with Magical Moments Vacations.  I married my husband Dan in 2008 and we have two kids, Will and Maddie.  I always had a passion for travel and being a military brat and a daughter of an airline pilot, travel was kind of in my blood!  After having worked at Disney World in college doing the Disney College Program for a semester, I already had many friends and family that were asking me for advice on Disney Vacations. 

We went on our first Disney Cruise in October 2010 for my brother's wedding and my passion for travel grew more.  I became an agent in March 2011 and joined Magical Moments Vacations in 2013, that was the best professional decision I ever made!  I absolutely love Magical Moments Vacations. Not only do you have me and my expertise and knowledge but I have over 500 agents for support and assistance should I be unavailable for any reason. 

Each year I try to do training & research on one new destination or resort as having hands-on knowledge is what's going to help me help you the best!  Just like investing in continuing education and seminars, I invest in my career and attend workshops, training's and site/ship inspections as often as I can. 

I have been on an intensive training in Maui to earn a Maui Nui Master Specialist Certification, did a week land tour in Alaska, visited 20+ properties in Jamaica, hands-on experience and training's at Universal Orlando, Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line.  I have sailed and toured Royal Caribbean ships and sailed Princess Cruise Line. I am also a Sandals & Beaches Resorts Certified Specialist and must renew this each year with a training.  

Always keep up to date with my travel adventures on my Facebook Page!

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