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Travel Tip Thursday: Scams

This has been shared on social media but thought this might be a good one for my Travel Tip Thursday post.

When staying at ANY hotel (yes, even the magical ones) do not ever give personal, secure information over the phone to someone that calls your room. This phone call can come from anywhere and anyone. Many times these calls are trying to get information to hack accounts (i.e. Credit Cards). Just tell them you will head to the front desk to settle any issues and hang up. I would let the front desk then know, you can use the phone to call the front desk or go there in-person. At some places, when you call via the phone to the "front desk" it is going to a call center, just be aware of this.

This same thing goes for those flyers that are put under your door for pizza or various local joints. Not all are scams but I would highly suggest searching yourself as there are many trusted sites that give local suggestions on things like restaurants and activities. You can also ask the front desk attendant for their reccomendations.

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