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Travel in 2023 and Beyond

Since Spring of 2020 so much has changed in the world of travel. When destinations started opening back up there were many rules and regulations, along with that came many unknowns and 'what-ifs'. While many of those rules that allowed travel to slowly come back are now gone, travel will never be the same. But the good news is it's BACK and is bursting at the seams. It makes my heart happy after multiple re-schedules of vacations many had been looking forward to for months!

With travel being back that also means so are the prices. Booking a last minute trip isn't as easy as it once was. Airfare costs are higher than I have seen them in a long while and resorts, cruises, and popular destinations are booking up much earlier.

My advice: If you want to take a trip in 2023 or 2024 or beyond, NOW is the time to book or inquire about booking. You can lock in current prices, if the price goes down with many vacations I can adjust to the new prices. When promotions come out, it's not always a better price than what you booked with months ago. Destinations that prices can be adjusted include Disney World, Universal Orlando, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruise Line, and many hotels prior to final payment. Every vacation and trip is different and unique though so ask if this is a concern so I can go over the policies and options with your particular trip. Along with this, make sure you are covered for the 'what-ifs', you don't want to be caught off-guard with something unexpected and not have a plan or coverage. Many credit cards offer travel protection when you pay for your vacation with that card. You can also purchase a travel protection/insurance through the company you have your trip booked through (Disney, Royal Caribbean, etc.) or through a company that sells travel insurance (Travel Guard and Arch RoamRight, for example).

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